About SRA
(Aggregates) Ltd

Our Company

SRA was formed in Decmber 2018, as part of  Land Recovery Ltd. The company specialises in recycling and processing of construction materials at its state of the art facility in Stoke on Trent.

SRA (Aggreates) Ltd supplies materials for construction within a 50 miles radius of Stole on Trent, in addition to the specialised 2-6, 10mm products that travel acrosss the nation via articulated lorry.

The 2-6mm is approved for use as a gravel raft on EFL pitches, and a typical pitch can take upwards of 2000 tonnes.

Our Specialised, Compost based soils including our BS and Latymer soil travel as far as the South West of England and up to the borders of Scotland.


Our Process

SRA (Aggreates) Ltd developed their state of the art facility in Stoke on Trent, where materials are delivered by road as well as exclusively by rail from all over the UK.

The materials are prepared before they are processed by the specially designed equipment.

The process involves intense washing to cleanse the materials before they are sorted through the various sized screening decks to separate the products via series of elevators which ensures the purity of each product.

Once the products have been cleaned and separated they are stacked before being moved to our fully concreted storage bays, preventing contamination, until they are ready for delivery.

Our Facility

Our bespoke, state of the art facility was designed and built by CDE of Ireland, taking materials from across the UK to be recycled into high quality aggreagtes for use in building and construction

The processing plant is the biggest of its type in Europe, and one of the biggest globally. We are also the only facility in the UK to be connected by rail, as well as receiving loads by road.